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In Indian mythology, the entire universe is looked at as the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva . Lord Nataraja’s Ananda Thandavam which is nothing but the combination of sage Bharatha’s Natya sastra and sage Pathanjali’s yoga sastra signifies the three basic divine functions of creation, protection and destruction.Natyanjali is a festival of dance conducted in Shiva temples. It provides an opportunity for the artists to offer their salutations to Lord Shiva .This festival of dance usually falls to coincide with the Shivaratri Day. The Natyanjali festival in Tamil Nadu started in the famous Nataraja temple in Chidambaram almost half a century ago and slowly spread to other temples in Kumbakonam and Thanjavur. During the past decade, a concerted effort was made to conduct this festival in smaller but ancient temples too. Read more →

Marudha Natyanjali 2014 Live Telecast on 27th February 2014 .6.00pm onward s don't miss it.....

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On the Thursday 27th February 2014, the third year Marudhaa Natyanjali festival. With the blessings from the Mahasannidhanam of Tiruvavadudurai Adheenam, About 80 plus..Read more →